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Croatia Wedding Package Price

Croatia – A dream destination for wedding – why?

The destination wedding has taken on a mind of its own. People have really fallen in love with this idea and they’re taking it to the extreme of adventure, of passion and making it about having their wonderful day and the best places in the world possible. One of the best places for a wedding destination is the beautiful country of Croatia. For people who do not know much about this area, they might wonder why a person would choose Croatia and not some other area. The truth about Croatia is that it is a hidden gem of Europe. It is an area of so much charm, natural beauty, water and all the things that make a wedding perfect.


Croatia is one of those places where you would give those idyllic wedding photos that you truly want to have capture that time and space so you can have it forever. It is one of those places when you take those type of wedding pictures people will be jealous, people will be in awe of the beauty of Croatia and the fact that you actually have your wedding there. Croatia is for dreamers and for doers.

It is one of those places that has a lot of old world charm with new world technology. It is a place where you will find wonderful hotels in all different price ranges. It is a place for you is fine natural waterways, forest, old quaint towns with cobblestone streets, all the things of fantasy, movies and the things that will make the perfect wedding destination. It is a place you have to see, it is the location where your wedding will be brought to a level so high, so perfect, so embodying the fantasy that you have always wanted you might have to pinch yourself to make sure that you are not dreaming.

It is a city of growth, of romance, of dreams and realities. It is the city of passion, of families, of community and the place where you will be able to feel the spirit of the city and the people time you arrive. It’s a place that even if you weren’t having a wedding that you have to go to at least once in your lifetime. It is a place that people who have had the honor of visiting share a fraternal relationship of all other travelers because they have been to a place that many people will never visit, that many people would never know the charm, the draw and the libido of that town.

Planning a wedding overseas is not the easiest of tasks. You might have heard stories of wedding failure and disappointments. That is why you should always hire a highly professional wedding planner since the planner will guide you every step of the way. We did some online research, there are various planner available, our favorite has to be wed our way Croatia. The will help you find the best vendors as well. Like the catering, flowers, church, wedding venues in croatia and so on.

For those who do know how to dream, who know how to get what you want, who want the best wedding destination possible, there is absolutely no better place than the beautiful nation of Croatia in this beautiful cities. It’s a place that after reading this article, you will have to check out as many videos, as many pictures and all the information on it that you can find. It is a place where your dream wedding will happen.



What about love

A few videos about the love of a women towards her man.


Hope you all enjoy the videos. We all go through tough times, but just remember “in sickness and in health”

People are more concerned about stupid material stuff nowadays and they just have lost the ability to enjoy the normal simple life. Marriage should be simple…but us humans tend to complicated with our stupid decisions.

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The role of the wedding pastor

What is the role of the wedding pastor at a wedding?

Couples to be ask this question a lot. And they might not have a clear idea of what is that pastors role. Well let me tell you something, the pastor does a lot of work behind the scenes.

You might think that the pastor  goes to a couple’s wedding ceremony and that’s it. Not at all. The pastor meets the bride and groom at least 6 months before the wedding to build a relationship and help the couple understand the commitment they are signing for/getting into.

The pastor sits down with the couple and takes some compatibility tests. This is a speech from one garden wedding that I have been to recently.

“Thank you for both of you for inviting me into your own lives. The last several months that we spent time together and unpacking your relationship and exploring what god has best for you to see you guys come and embrace each other.”

For a full list of wedding pastors and wedding ministers go here

I love wedding gardens, this is just awesome, a wedding in Los Angeles. Even though the ladies find it a bit awkward to walk on a field with high heals. But its worth it after all!!


We have to trust god with every aspect of our lives