The role of the wedding pastor

What is the role of the wedding pastor at a wedding?

Couples to be ask this question a lot. And they might not have a clear idea of what is that pastors role. Well let me tell you something, the pastor does a lot of work behind the scenes.

You might think that the pastor ¬†goes to a couple’s wedding ceremony and that’s it. Not at all. The pastor meets the bride and groom at least 6 months before the wedding to build a relationship and help the couple understand the commitment they are signing for/getting into.

The pastor sits down with the couple and takes some compatibility tests. This is a speech from one garden wedding that I have been to recently.

“Thank you for both of you for inviting me into your own lives. The last several months that we spent time together and unpacking your relationship and exploring what god has best for you to see you guys come and embrace each other.”

For a full list of wedding pastors and wedding ministers go here

I love wedding gardens, this is just awesome, a wedding in Los Angeles. Even though the ladies find it a bit awkward to walk on a field with high heals. But its worth it after all!!


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