Tungsten wedding rings Pros and Cons

Five Tungsten Rings Pros and Cons

Tungsten is a metal that gets mostly used in making tools and machinery. It has found its use in fashion manufacturing companies in making wedding bands and rings by alloying it with carbon and nickel. In the beginning, the tungsten rings were not famous, but recently, its demand has skyrocketed and has a stable market base especially in men’s fashion industry. It is due to its excellent quality that lasts for long.

It has become the most preferred ring because it appears unique and is available in all styles that fit well with individuals’ taste and preference.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Tungsten rings;

Pros of Tungsten Rings


Compared to other metals, tungsten is much cheaper. Therefore, wedding rings made of tungsten are way cheaper than the rings made from other metals.


Tungsten as a metal never loses its sheen. Therefore, it’s hardly polished hence easy to maintain. Other metals like platinum, gold, and silver require conventional polishing, unlike tungsten that get polished once in a while.


Tungsten is incredibly durable. It is stronger than platinum and steel. Diamond, which is that hardest compound the human being know, is the component that can break tungsten. They do not decolor and is resistant to scratches.

Skin Friendly

Tungsten rings get bound by nickel, an element that is hypo allergic in nature. People with sensitive skin are highly encouraged to use it. It is, therefore, a relief for those who had forsaken their rings due to irritations caused by rings from other metals.


The tungsten is durable due to its hardness. They cannot get easily destroyed, unlike other metals like steel and platinum. Black tungsten wedding bands for men are now one of the best-selling colors.

However, there various disadvantages associated with tungsten rings as outlined below;

Cons of Tungsten Rings


Engraving on tungsten rings in the traditional way is impossible. It is only possible using laser where you can engrave your ring which in the process will discount the con.


Unlike other metals, you cannot resize tungsten rings. This translate that in the case of adding or losing weight, the ring will be too tight or too lose to stay in one position.


Tungsten is a heavier compared to other metal hence rings made of it are heavy as well. Although they are durable and reliable, most people prefer other rings as they are considered lighter.


Due to its toughness, people tend to believe that these rings cannot get removed under urgent circumstances.

Cannot be Traded

Unlike gold that is sold all over the world, tungsten cannot get traded and, therefore, you cannot make money out of it. It means anyone can change gold into cash but you cannot tungsten is not valued hence difficult to trade it.

If you are contemplating on getting a distinctive ring for your wedding,  buying a rose gold tungsten ring that looks awesome on your finger, makes you stand out of the crowd.  It is suitable for all people without the worry of any irritation. It is affordable hence no excuse for failing to own one.


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