Wedding Outfit Trends to Look Out For This Summer

Hark – you’ve just received an invitation to a summer wedding in your mail box – in addition to the countless others that have been piling up on your desk and require your RSVPs immediately. While a summer wedding might serve as a tactic ploy to make the guests sweat – allowing everyone to drink up the wine, champagne and punch at the event – they’re an immense pleasure to witness

Flushed brides give a whole new meaning to the sun-kissed terminology – allowing the couple to witness the golden hour in all of its glory towards the end of the nuptials and before the reception. However, before you witness a summer wedding as a guest, we have assembled a simple guideline for you to follow so that you’re prepared and ready to go when the time comes.

The Dress

Katherine Heigl 27 Dresses gave women a chance to exercise the splendor of being a bridesmaid in arms. While clothing a bridesmaid is a completely different story, there are plenty of ways a simple guest can effortlessly carry a chic look without feeling out of place and irrelevant to the entire shindig. This year, it’s all about channeling the catwalks into your wardrobe – but in a much more reasonable way and an affordable price.

The hemlines witnessed knees and calves as well – but it was a matter of time when everybody realized that it all comes down to a person’s preference. Moreover, ruffled and flounced sleeves made a comeback and according to Harper’s Bazaar, they might be more than willing to send in the bride.

Swanky Maxis

Valentino and Moschino are some of the huge names that exhibited swanky maxi dresses in pastel hues such as sprightly pinks and yellows, respectively, on the ramps that are nevertheless, a couple of flamboyant staples in summer.

The Flower Bed

In addition, floral gowns are perhaps some of the cute outfits that you can wear as a guest to a wedding as they can never get you wrong at any time of the year. More prominently, these floral gowns and maxi dresses can be revisited and worn again at the time of Christmas or on at flimsy ball-gown occasions. Similarly, Thornton Bregazzi and Carolina Herrera gave people to witness floral patterns that were perhaps, something out of a prize-winning but brash flowerbed.

Hello There … Shoes

Your footwear, according to Robin Weil, founder and CEO of, depends primarily on the type of venue you’re about to visit. For instance, imagine wearing swanky stilettos to a beach wedding or perhaps to a wedding that’s taking place on a heavenly fertilized lawn, can you? How on earth are you going to walk without prying your heels from the sand or soil repeatedly?

Block the Haters

From strappy sandals to striped, bold wedges; from elegant court shoes to heeled stilettos; your choice of footwear should be relevant to the venue as there is a chance that you’d be standing up or walking throughout to greet people as a customary revelation. However, block heels are a safe and better choice for summer weddings, says Lalage Beaumont, as they’re more comfortable and can help you cast the silhouette with the dress you’ve paired them with.

The Hat –Your Spotlight

A hat was a status symbol in the 18th century, when old fashioned women would adorn them to keep up with the archaism within lavish evening affairs and soirees. However, this summer, the hat is making waves in the spotlight with its presence again, giving you a chance to replicate Amal Clooney’s Royal Wedding look from last year as well.

The Straw Hat

Felt hats were more customary towards winter, says Jane Taylor who customizes hats as one of the top notch state bespoke millinery. Summer is all set to bestow its vengeance with humid weather from May onwards, so it might not be the perfect time to bask your glory under a felt hat.

However, in order to shelter yourself from the recurrent whining sprees about the weather, it’s time to take your straw and sinamay hats out of hiding. These hats are going to give new meaning to the phrase, ‘The Last Straw’ if you wear them to a summer wedding this year.

Simple Minimalism

Taylor also suggests matching your floral outfits with a hat that’s extracted from the same fabric or pattern. In addition, wearing hats made out of crepe, organza or fabrics that people sport all the year round is also a safe yet contemporary option for this summer.

Even with its sun-kissed glory, summer weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to the maintenance of events and the beautiful turnout of pictures. Given the fact that her Royal Highness, Duchess Meghan Markle kicked off her wedding in a classic white gown during last year’s summer, there’s no reason why you – a contemporary ordinary – cannot support the grandeur a summer wedding has to offer.