How To Choose Your Wedding Jewelry?

Ladies, you have always dreamed of this day. Well, congratulations, the best day of your life is set. Now that you have successfully created the wedding invitation, put your hand of the wedding dress of your dreams, and chose the place of the reception, you can pass to the tricky question which teases you and you turlupine: how to choose your wedding jewelry? When you wear your wedding dress, the jewels come to add a touch of glamor and aesthetics. This is the day when, through the sacred bonds of marriage, you will bond forever to your soul mate. Whether it’s a modern or oriental wedding, our advice will help you find the right adornments. From the necklace to the earrings to the ring, the bracelet and the tiara, discover all you need to know to choose the jewels that will reveal all the beauty that is in you.

How to choose your necklace?

If it is an accessory that accompanies the wedding dress since always and still remains fashionable, it is the necklace. The necklace is a central jewel in your wedding dress. He will even guide the choice of other accessories such as earrings, bracelet and tiara. To choose your necklace, the type of collar of your wedding dress is an essential element to take into account.

The bridal necklace

If your dress has a ‘V’ shaped neckline, a bridal necklace will be perfect for you. The necklace will enhance your bust and will sublimate your chest. It should also be noted that the neckline in the form of ” V ” is quite free; it adapts easily to other types of collars.

In addition, if your dress has the American neckline, the bridal necklace is also a wedding jewel recommended for a stunning result.

The round necklace

The round necklace goes very well with a wedding dress with a wrap-around neckline. This necklace is also recommended for dresses with straight neckline.

The necklace in the shape of ” Y ”

As the shape of the letter ” Y ” suggests, necklaces in the shape of ” Y ” are wedding jewelry suitable for dresses with a plunging neck or ” V ”. It also lends itself to dresses with a wrap-around collar.

The feather necklace

Rather original as adornment, the feather necklace would be very beautiful to your neck if you wear a wedding dress with an asymmetrical neckline. It is a light collar that beautifies you and does not overload your outfit.

As said above, there is a close relationship between the choice of necklace and the choice of other accessories. For example, if you put on a pretty eye-catching necklace, it is more suitable to make the choice of discreet earrings; and vice versa. And if you opt for a dress without cleavage, prefer earrings and give up the necklace.

How to choose your earring?

When choosing earrings, think about harmony. Indeed, earrings are wedding jewelry that must be in harmony with the color, shape or style of your necklace. For more glamor, you can customize your earrings with the moment of the wedding celebration. So you can choose simple loops if the ceremony takes place in the middle of the day. In the event of a night wedding, consider wearing medium or large sparkling earrings. These will reveal your charm and highlight your face.

Keep in mind that it is very common and even strongly recommended to choose your earrings depending on the hairstyle you have made. Thus, if you have buns, opt for dangling earrings encrusted with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, topaz, turquoise, emerald, etc.) On the other hand, if you want to keep your hair relaxed, ear chips would do the trick. Fleas can also be made of precious or semi-precious stones.

Finally, it should be remembered that when they are small, they are better suited to dresses with long trolls. Now that we know a little more about wedding jewelry such as necklaces and earrings, we can discover the tips for choosing your bracelet.

How to choose your bracelet?

For the choice of the right bracelet, the key is in simplicity and lightness. The bracelet must be very elegant without shading your ring. If your dress has long sleeves or if you have planned to wear gloves for the ceremony, it is recommended to give up wearing a bracelet. But if not, that is to say, if your dress is short or if you want to keep your hands bare, a bracelet will be welcome to your handle. Bracelets are wedding jewelry that exists in several materials. So you have the choice between gold, silver, and many other metals. Let yourself be tempted, try them and choose the bracelet that best suits your tastes. Just keep in mind that the beauty of a bracelet is in its lightness.

The ring: the most important wedding jewelry

If you succeed in making the perfect wedding makeup, and all the other necessary accessories are already at your disposal, the best cheap engagement ring is the icing on the cake. It is through him that the announcement of your marriage has been made. The ring must be the only jewel of marriage that will decorate your fingers. Alone on your finger, its unique beauty makes the ring the object of attention.

Finally remember that for a result you will remember all your life, you must match the colors and type of each wedding jewelry. If you take into account this last trick, you will undoubtedly be the most incredible bride.