How Much Do Wedding Photos Cost?

A wedding is something many unmarried people wish to have. Wedding day is an occasion that you live to remember and how you plan it will determine the whole experience. And often people try as much as they can to make this day successful. Why do you think wedding loans are increasingly becoming popular? The fact that someone is willing to take a loan to finance the occasion means he truly value it. But then it is good to be careful not to get into unnecessary debts. So, the best thing is to plan effectively and prioritize everything well.

Why You Need To Prioritize Wedding Photos

Talk of priority, many people fail here. I wouldn’t see the need for doing so many things and end up broke. I would prefer making the day count in the most cost-effective way. You know you are going to remain with your partner. It is good to see things beyond the big day. But there is one mistake that people make though. In an attempt to make things work, many people eliminate wedding photography. I think this is stupid because photography is an integral aspect of your wedding day that will always give the best memories nothing else can. Let us be pragmatic in reasoning here.

•    How many wedding invitations do you intend to distribute? Thousands, I guess! Well, it is good to invite as many as you can. But are forgetting the invites will be thrown away right after the occasion? I don’t say you shouldn’t distribute them, just be realistic.

•    Since you have invited many friends, it is important to ensure they all enjoy and go with nice memories. That is why you are looking for the best wedding cake out there. I like being an honest friend – that cake will be consumed in a few minutes.

•    Your wedding venue has to be colorful. You need to look for a florist who will ensure everything perfectly match the occasion. But remember those expensive flowers will wilt and become useless moments after the occasion.

•     And where do you intend to go for the honeymoon? It is important also but how much do you intend to spend on that? You know in the end you will come back home and face the reality that everyone left and now it is the two of you. What about wedding photos?

The point is clear here – wedding photography is important, especially if you think beyond the wedding day. And by the way, do you think you will be able to capture everything that will take place during the day? That is impossible. You will busy engaging guests. But you really have to miss that beautiful smile in your mom’s face when you exchange rings? That is why you need wedding photography. Do you really have to eliminate this because of finances? That will be a mistake in reasoning. I don’t say it is ultimately the most important thing, but rather it should be among your top priorities. Besides, some photographers such as Wure charge reasonably. Take time to shop around for better prices, but be careful about quality.

The Cost of Wedding Photos

The issue of cost is a little bit complicated. In most cases, it depends on the photographer and the services rendered. We recently carried out a survey on the cost of wedding photography in the last year across the United Kingdom. The average cost was £1,560. In the year 2017, the average cost was £1480, £1450 in 2016 and £1520 in the year 2015. The values were based on a whole-day package. So, let us look at the things that affect the cost of wedding photos. Here they are:

•    Time. The time the photographer is supposed to spend in the event play a significant role in determining the cost charged. For instance, coverage of additional events after the ceremony and perhaps the reception demands more time and this attracts extra costs. In most cases, the average cost is negotiated for a time period of 8 to 10 hours for everything to be captured.

•    The packages. Most wedding photography packages include the established timeframe and retouched photos among other deliverables. When the services offered to you are high, the cost of the package is equally high. The final package may be offered in different forms, including CD/DVDs, physical prints, a photo album, or a blend of all these. Generally, a package can help you save on costs and permits you to acquire top quality images in the future. You can talk to the photographer about your condition. He or she will recommend the most appropriate package alternatives that suit your budget. So, make sure in your agreement there is an indication of the form in which you will get your photos.

•    Number of Locations. There cases when couples want each and every event captured, right from the time they are getting ready to final minute the last guest leaves. If the situation requires the photographer to travel from place to place in order to capture everything, the costs will definitely be high. However, this is not to say that multiple destinations always mean high costs. You may have opted for the package that accommodates all activities, or rather a full day package. The point is if there are different destinations, the costs are likely to be much higher. In addition, some photographers may offer extra services free of charge.

•    Photographers’ experience. A reputable photographer is likely to be expensive. He or she is also likely to be on very high demand and this may increase the costs of their services.

In light of the above, it is evident there is a number of factors that affect the cost of wedding photos. Use the average costs shared to plan and everything will work out. These costs include some of the factors discussed above.

Planning for a wedding can be so challenging. You have to ensure that you include everything important to make the day successful. Wedding photos should be part of your main priority. The photos you take will give you the memories of the special day throughout your life. Will, it is not wonderful sharing them with the kids? Do not miss that because of costs. Plan in advance. Search for various photographers and perhaps you will get the one they offer a perfect package for you.