How To Plan A Minimalist Wedding

Have you ever attended a wedding and thought to yourself, I think I have seen this before? Everything right before you seem to have been imported from someone’s ‘ideal wedding report’ or something of that sought. The dress worn by the bride and the colors of those maids have been used somewhere else, you can’t recall where.

Well, this is what happens when a wedding is not adequately planned. It is not easy to plan a wedding that is full of joy or fun, and contemporary all at once. You are likely to cling onto something you saw somewhere and thought it would be perfect for you, but in the real sense, it is not. This article seeks to explain to you (in detail) on how to plan your minimalist wedding in a manner that will leave both you and your guests satisfied.

I will start by letting you know what a minimalist wedding is all about.

What Is A Minimalist Wedding?

Approaching a wedding using this concept implies you mainly put into consideration those things that are of significance to your wedding and do away with those that are not. Put, a minimalist wedding is not any of the following:

– It is not about the quality and how costly the dress has been, but about what the two of you feel about the wedding.

– It is about how well the two of you understand one another, not about where the wedding is being held.

– A minimalist wedding is not based on the perceptions of your guests and other people but on what both of you think defines your happiness. It has nothing to do with the kind of impression you leave. It is about the experiences you create for both you and your loved ones.

– It is based on the love you share with everyone, not how many people you will please.

– Minimalist weddings are based on the ability to make the available dynamics work for you to help you create a great experience.

However, this kind of wedding does not have to be too boring and dull simply because you are trying to cut costs. You should not be too “mean” to extent of even starving your guests. This is a concept that makes you gain more but spend less. As a couple, you are supposed to sit down and agree on things that are meaningful and purposeful, with each giving their representation (honestly) on how they feel about it.

This should be done, putting in mind the effects of the celebrations on their surroundings.

Let us be clear on this: a couple should not just opt for a minimalist approach with the sole objective of cutting down on finances. They should do so for their joy and optimal experience.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Planning

Why is it important to have this or that in your wedding? Think critically and arrive at solid conclusions.

For what reason? What is its impact on your wedding? Is it going to play a role in your happiness?

Do you have better choices for that you are considering?

Will its inclusion leave you in debt?

What is its opportunity cost, and how does that make you feel about it?

Asking yourself these questions will help you make important decisions on whether certain inclusions are necessary or not. With the answer to these questions, you will have a clear understanding and plan that will guarantee an awesome day and a purposeful or meaningful wedding experience. Besides these, you are to come up with a list of everything you would wish to feel on that day.

Try to figure out the things that will help you achieve that. Do the same for your lovers and your guests. This approach simplifies your finances and decoration. Choose the perfect dress. A simple dress implies natural beauty, makes the brides stand out, and is easy to move around in.

You can limit your budget as various honeymoon destinations can accommodate less spending.

Limit your thinking to the things you have envisioned to avoid extravagance behavior chipping in. If you find yourself stuck, get help from a wedding planner, assess their past a wedding planner, assess their past experiences/records, and ask them relevant questions at the onset of your planning.

What Are The Benefits Of Going For A Minimalist Wedding?

It is important to note that everyone does not favor the minimalist ideology. Several elements might work for you but not work for some other person. However, this approach has various benefits. They are:

– It enables you to emphasize what is right for your psychological and mental wellness.

– It makes you focus on what is necessary and avoid all the luxuries that do not add value to your long-term goals.

– It helps you get rid of the things you hold onto dearly without knowing how to let go.

– It shields you the unnecessary consumerism pressure.

– It gives you the confidence associated with the knowledge that people do not influence

your choices.

– It protects you from falling into unnecessary debts.


When it comes to planning your minimalist wedding, there is something you need to keep in mind – having a lot of material possessions does not guarantee happiness. We get the peace and happiness we dream of from within, it cannot be found somewhere outside us. Before you kickstart your planning, you have to realize the significance of what you are about to commit yourself to, that is, the essence of the marriage. Keep this in mind for reference whenever you find it necessary. Understand that happiness will not be derived from that event itself but from the experience and the environment that will be created in the course of the event. This brings us to the question, how do you start your planning for a minimalist wedding?

Your Stationary

Avail a draft of what you need (menus, wedding invitations, maps, and any relevant material you need) early enough. Make this clear and concise for easier understanding. Capitalize on the negative space to create a message that is clear and simple. It is usually a great feeling having to look at an invitation that has no unnecessary images and words. Ensure your wedding invitation contains all the relevant information that will enable the guests to keep up with their calendars, who to send their responses to, and the maps. If paperwork is too cumbersome, you can decide to go the electronic way, which would be faster.

Reception (Dinner)

Make use of simple or neutral colors for the flatware. You can choose to use plants as centerpieces, with additional touches of natural colors. These will give you a more elegant, natural feeling. Besides, these plants can be used at home once the event is over. Use simple wines and cocktails. A few of these cocktails in high-quality (and perhaps a combination of a red here and a rose there) will be great options for your guests to choose from. You can find restaurants that do this. This will ease your planning, smoothen your orders, and the overall outcome, a very organized ceremony.

The Event

Since this is a minimalist wedding, vows are usually kept short, precise, and pleasant. You ought to say what you mean and mean what you say (express your true feelings). Whether your colleague is the one at the forefront of conducting your ceremony or not, make it clear that you want a brief and purposeful event, not a luxurious one. If possible, go through whatever is to be said by your partner on the D-day and assess whether it fits your minimalistic theme.

Extended Favors

Since most of your guests won’t be interested in the favors you are to accord to them, you can easily cut down on this part. We have a wide range of options that you can choose from as alternatives that will still be purposeful. You can decide to give your guests those plants you had earlier used as centerpieces to take home. You can also opt for mobile photo shops that will make it easier for your guests to print out the pictures they take. If you cannot manage to do this, use the option of food. I am sure many will welcome this idea. For minimalist weddings, extending purposeful favors is highly valued and preferred.


At minimalist weddings, it is too absurd to ask your guests to give specific gifts. You can choose to go about this by listing the items you are missing in your home and would love to have them and let them decide what to do. Asking them to make donations towards your honeymoon will also be a great alternative.

Do Not Deviate From The Plan

Whereas there is a tendency of things getting out of hand in the course of your planning, you should stick to the plan. Pressure from your parents and the community around you may be overwhelming. You may have decided to hold your event at the attorneys, but your parents will hear none of it, they are advocating for a church wedding. Your friend insists on designing extra wedding invitations to accommodate her other friends and much more. At this point, your minimalist wedding is turning into something else that you have been working so hard to avoid.

Our take on this is, turn down whatever it is you can. It won’t hurt you as much as it will when things get out of hand, and you find yourself amid an event whose planning failed terribly. Be firm on your minimalistic theme and maybe, give room to a few more changes. After all, this has something to do with them too.

Understand that the idea of a minimalist wedding has nothing to do with cutting on the budget. The theme does not mean that you have a wedding devoid of joy and fun and starving your guests. It is about keeping things simple but meaningful. However, this idea will save you a lot of funds that can be channeled into something else. One great thing about the minimalism idea is that you learn things that can be applied in your life on a daily basis. Start planning your purposeful wedding to enjoy the fruits of the minimalism approach.